“§1 The physicians high and only mission is to restore the sick to health, to cure, as it is termed.”
"Organon of medicine" (VI), Samuel Hahnemann

Development of Homeopathy in Bulgaria

Use of the homeopathic method in Bulgaria is related to the name of Dr. Georgi Valkov Mirkovich (1828 – 1905). Hi accepted Hahnemann’s ideas, that during the healing of a disease only a single remedy is to be prescribed, because “the practice to mix more remedies is contrary to the common sense”( G. Mirkovich - 1993,6). With this position he became the founder of Classical Homeopathy in Bulgaria, giving priority to the homeopathic method of healing before the allopathic one and adducing comparative data concerning the death rate percentage when both methods of healing have been applied for different diseases. In his point, in terms of Homeopathy there was a need for combining the supervision on the disease properties with the experience related to the features of the remedies. The main art necessary for successful application of the homeopathic method “is to cleverly arrange the characteristics and properties of the disease in a complex; on that complex are depending both the correct choice of a remedy and the successful healing itself.”(G. Mirkovich - 1993,16).
As a start of the Classical Homeopathy development in Bulgaria could be taken the year 1992 when a group of Bulgarian enthusiasts lead by Dr. Petar Najdenov established relations with the London College of Classical Homeopathy in the person of Peter Chappell, Head of the International Department. The first Classical Homeopathy course carried by English lecturers began.
In 1994, the Homeopathic Society was established and it continues developing its activity up to the present. The Society aims include studying, developing and applying Classical Homeopathy as a healing and preventive method. The Homeopathic Society is working in close cooperation with both the London College of Classical Homeopathy (LCCH) and the London International College of Homeopathy (LICH).
Since May 2003, the Bulgarian Homeopathic Society is regular member of the European Council for Classical Homeopathy (ЕССН).

Homeopathic Society in Bulgaria

Homeopathic Society (HS) is the first professional organization of classical homeopaths in Bulgaria, registered in 1994. Members of the HS are practicing classical homeopaths who have passed a biennial course in Homeopathy lead by lecturers from the London International College of Homeopathy. Homeopaths lacking basic medical education are obligatorily passing a biennial course in Medical Training as well, with a program meeting European standards regarding the Homeopath profession. Those graduated in Homeopathy are enhancing their qualification through annual summer schools, supervisions and international seminars.
Homeopathic Society in Bulgaria is a non-profit organization developing its activities in public favor, officially registered in accordance with the country Law. Its leading body is the Board of Managers consisting of a Chairperson and 8 members.
In connection with its main activity – promoting Homeopathy in Bulgaria, the HS is organizing each year a National Conference in Classical Homeopathy oriented to a wide audience, where homeopaths are holding scientific reports related to the results of their practical work as well as to the basic guidelines in Classical Homeopathy. To date, there are six such conferences held, with the following subjects: 1998 – “Homeopathy – art and science”, 1999 - “Similar heals similar”, 2000 – “The single medicine”, 2001 – “Health as equilibrium”, 2002 - “The force of life” и 2003 – “Miasmas”. The reports held are published in collections with the same titles as the above-mentioned conferences.
Since 2000, the HS has started issuing the “Classical Homeopathy” professional magazine.

Basic HS membership criterion is the acceptance of the Classical Homeopathy’s main principles.
Members of the HS can be:
A. Practicians – graduated experts in Classical Homeopathy which are:
1. Accepting the HS aims according to its Statute;
2. Accepting and respecting the HS Moral Code.
3. Actively participating in the HS activities for promoting Classical Homeopathy in Bulgaria.
4. Applying in their practice the principles of Classical Homeopathy.
5. Taking part in the HS events aiming their constant qualification raising.
6. Participating in workgroups dealing with different issues in the Classical Homeopathy field according to international programs.
7. Regularly paying their member fee.
B. Students – persons attending the HS organized courses which are:
1. Accepting the HS Statute.
2. Accepting the HS Moral Code.
3. Regularly attending the courses;
4. Successfully passing their exams.
5. Actively participating in the HS activities.
6. Regularly paying their member fee.

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