Homeopathy is practiced across Europe by approximately equal number of homeopaths and homeopathic doctors. The distribution between countries is uneven with some countries having proportionately larger numbers of homeopathic doctors. Three countries in western parts of Europe legally restrict the practice of homeopathy to doctors only (Austria, France, Luxembourg). Unfortunately, the fourth European State taking such restrictive legal measures is Bulgaria, where after the new Health Law come into effect, only doctors and dentists shall have the right to homeopathic practice. However in other countries the number of doctors who practice homeopathy is relatively low and the homeopaths are far more numerous (Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden). Governments in Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and the UK have recently introduced legislation to positively regulate the area of CAMs including homeopathy.
Outside Europe in countries as India, Mexico, Pakistan, South Africa homeopathy is established as a primary discrete healthcare discipline with an in depth undergraduate education and training and a professional infrastructure which puts it on equal level with conventional medicine.
Meanwhile in countries such as Australia and New Zealand homeopathy is developing into a complete healthcare profession and is receiving government recognition through positive enabling legislative change.
In some countries as Denmark and the UK integrated healthcare projects have been or are carried out. Some of these projects include homeopaths who work closely together with conventional health care personnel.

The European Council for Classic Homeopathy (ECCH) is founded in 1990 and is represented in 27 countries in Europe, including all countries in Western Europe and an increasing number of countries in Eastern parts of Europe. Over the past year associations in three new countries have joined the Council.
The Bulgarian Homeopathic Society is a full member of ECCH since May 2003.
ECCH has obtained NGO Participative Status with the Council of Europe.
ECCH is working actively to ensure that homeopaths can provide high quality homeopathic treatment for the European public. This also includes working for the availability and quality of homeopathic medicines.
The Bulgarian Homeopathic Society is striving for recognition and registration of Homeopathy as a separate profession. This suggest requirements towards the homeopaths related to the level of their training and its duration, as well as legal protection and registry. The Bulgarian Homeopathic Society is putting serious efforts in that direction in cooperation with European structures defending the rights of both patients and alternative medicine specialists. Our objective is related to the passing, in the nearest future, of an Alternative Healing Methods Law in general or a Homeopathy Law in particular.

According to the World Health Organization, “alternative method” means activity for beneficial impact on individual health which is not included in the training programs for professional directions Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Healthcare.

Classic Homeopathy IS an alternative method considering man as a whole and healing with a SINGLE dose, with a SINGLE remedy for a long time, rapid, gentle and permanent, as Samuel Hahnemann has written 200 years ago in the Organon of Medicine.

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