“§52 There are but two principle methods of cure: the one based only on accurate observation of nature, on careful experimentation and pure experience, the homeopathic (before we never designedly used) and a second which does not do this, the heteropathic or allopathic. Each opposes the other, and only he who does not know either can hold the delusion that they can ever approach each other or even become united, or to make himself so ridiculous as to practice at one time homeopathically at another allopathically, according to the pleasure of the patient; a practice which may be called criminal treason against divine homeopathy.”
"Organon of medicine" (VI), Samuel Hahnemann

Classic Homeopathy – recognized worldwide, threatened in Bulgaria

According to the Health Law passed at its second hearing in Bulgarian Parliament, only doctors and dentists shall be able to heal with homeopathy – regardless of the fact that this is the most gentle method without any side effects and harmful consequences for the patient.
This Law is violating:
1. The right of the patient to choose a medical specialist to attend in accordance with the Chart on Human Rights.
If you homeopath is not a doctor, you will have to choose another one, because the Law says so, regardless of your mutual willing and the confidence established between you both.

2. The Constitutional right of every citizen to practice his profession.
Regardless of whether you have got your Homeopathy diploma in London, Sofia or Mombay, in Bulgaria you do not have the right to heal if you do not have a higher medical education diploma as well. So the right of Bulgarian homeopaths to practice their profession in their own country is being restricted, although many of our colleagues are successfully establishing themselves as trustworthy healers in countries such as Canada, Australia, South Africa and the EU Member-States.

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ATHENS, 17/12/2002

Dear Sirs and madams,
We have been informed that there are some people in Bulgaria who are trying to pass the opinion that doctors should practice Homeopathy only. This does not, at all, surprise us, because we know that these are some doctors who are trying, by this way, to protect their own interests. But despite any financial interest, first of all is ethics and what is best for the citizens, since this is a matter concerning health.
Something that must, at last, be understandable is that Homeopathy was never, and can never become part of the classical medicine. The philosophy of Homeopathy is different, its methodology is different, its therapeutic means are different, its diagnosis is different, and they even differ to its final aim, since in classical medicine we consider healthy somebody who does not exhibit any pathological symptoms while in Homeopathy we consider healthy somebody who evolutes and realizes himself.
For many years the medical associations of several countries, e.g. of Germany, of Austria, of England, etc., not only they did not want to have any relation with Homeopathy but they were railing at it. For a hundred and fifty years the doctors were laughing at Homeopathy and they systematically ignored it. Maybe the reason that in our days some doctors made a turn towards Homeopathy and they want to appropriate it to themselves is because people made a turn towards Homeopathy? (And this of course includes everything that this turn brings with it)
You must know it that in the countries of the European Union, e.g. England, Germany, Greece, Norway, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, etc., but in many other countries like the United States of America, India, etc., Homeopathy is practiced by anyone that has been taught properly, doctor or non doctor, and is included in their National Health System, e.g. in Germany.
Here it is interesting to present to you what the United Kingdom’s medical association believes about Homeopathy, saying that Homeopathy is a self-sufficient method, independent of medicine, having its own base and criteria of education, and also its own criteria of competence and professionalism.
You must also know that the European Parliament by its voting (A4-0075/97) as far as alternative medicine is concerned, has urged the government-members of the European Union to form a committee for the equality of value of practical doctors (which is a fact in Germany), but also for the recognition of Homeopathy as a healing method independent of classical medicine.
As our neighbors we are looking at cooperation with the Homeopathic Society of Bulgaria, not only for what is about Homeopathy, but also for an approaching of our nations inside the European Union. We hope that you will not set an obstacle to this!
If you want more information about Homeopathy we are very glad to help you with it.

With honor,
Gerasimos Stouraitis
Chairman of the Homeopathic Association of Hellas

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