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Frances Bisaz, VKH

I am writing to you as the representative of one of the Swiss associations of professional Homoeopaths (Verband fur klassischerHomoeopathinnen) which is a member of the ECCH (European Council for Classical Homeopathy) We have been informed that the Bulgarian government is considering introducing new legislation which will put complementray and alternative mendicines (including Homoepathy) under the control of the conventional medical profession. We feel most concerned about this move and see it as a step backwards rather than forwards regarding the current direction that regulation of this area of health care is taking in most European countries.

As in many european countries, here in Switzerland Homeopathy practiced by professional qualified (non medical) homeopaths plays an increasingly important role as one of the most frequently used forms of non conventional medicine by the population.Homoeopathy consistently proves to be extremely effective and cost-efficient. Homeopathy can be practiced by qualified Homeopaths who fulfil the criteria required by the local health authorities.This varies from one region to another,but is independent of the medical profession.As registered homoeopaths we also have free access to ordering Homoepathic remedies without medical prescriptions.

At present in Switzerland Homoepaths, along with other CAM professions, are in dialogue with the central governmental body (BTT) which is responsible for regulating all professions, seeking a mutually acceptable form of regulation and recognition of Homeopathy as a clearly defined profession (for non doctors).

In the last few years the Homoeopathic organisations have been working towards ensuring a high standard of homeopathic education and practice. The resulting registration criteria for membership to the organisations (self regulation), is nowadays acceptable to the majority of the health insurance companies, who reimburse a large part of the patients' costs,as long as they have an extra policy clause for complementary medicine. This all refers to practioners outside the conventional medical profession, which has its own associations and regulations regarding the practice of Homoeopathy.

I hope you will find this information useful regarding the situation in one other European country, and that it may help you reconsider your proposed new legislation.

Best regards,

Frances Bisaz

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