“§9 In the healthy condition of man, the spiritual vital force( autocracy), the dynamis that animates the material body (organism), rules with unbounded sway, and retains all the parts of the organism in admirable, harmonious, vital operation, as regards both sensations and functions, so that our indwelling, reason-gifted mind can freely employ this living, healthy instrument for the higher purpose of our existence.”
"Organon of medicine" (VI), Samuel Hahnemann

What is this Homeopathy?

Every sunrise in not alike the next. So is every person. This is the base of the Natural unique and this is the very essence of life. If every bacteria is a copy of itself – how could we cure the humans with one and the same remedy, with similar schedules and combinations? Are we allowed by Nature to transfer experimental data on animals to humans for there is a tremendous difference between them both energetically and biochemically? So we need something new, something special which approaches everybody in an individual way, which we definitely deserve – for we are Nature’s pets aren’t we?
And this something is called Homeopathy.
It is a complex system for diagnosis and treatment of very many acute and chronic diseases and for restoration of a good health by which people can free themselves from remedial dependence, can increase their working potential and can take their place in the creative flow of life.
As a medicine Homeopathy comes from ancient Egypt, but as a strict medical science it is founded by Samuel Hahnemann – a German doctor, pharmacist, chemist, a man of powerful intellect and knowledge, who lived 200 years ago. From then it successfully helps many people, its appliance is growing like a snow-slip in the world, especially nowadays, when all of us witness the total allergization, remedial intoxication and innumerable side effects of the medicines, the suppressive therapies like hormones, antibiotics, surgery.
Homeopathy is a holistic medicine – a man is a triple expression of life – on a physical, emotional and psychical levels. This makes of the man and his diseases a unique totality. This is the only medicine which treats individually. It does not cure physical, emotional and psychic complaints separately, as it is in traditional medicine, but explores them as intimately connected aspects of the whole suffering.
Symptoms are nothing but an effort of the vital force to avoid the pathogenetic factor. Or every complaint is the language of our creature on which it tells us which remedy it needs at that very moment.
Homeopathy means healing with the similar. Homeopathic remedies remove a sum of symptoms through their capacity to create the same symptoms. To be more accurate – this remedy given to a healthy man will make symptoms which it will cure in a sick man.
This is due to a law in Nature, discovered by Hahnemann, that a symptom is removed only by a stronger and similar one. For example, your grief will disappear when you hear of another much stronger grief, happening to another person.
The homoeopathic remedies are prepared from various sources – plants, minerals, chemical compounds, animal discharges, milks, snake venoms, allopathic remedies, rays like Sun and Moon, insects, foods as chocolate and sugar, things like fire and the energy from the North and South Poles etc. This is done by many following dilutions much above the Avogadro constant – which means that there is no substance in the solution any longer just single molecules of it. This solution is not chemically toxic; it is not going to accumulate in the organism. And this is the great advantage of these remedies, because practically there are no side effects, no allergy, and no addiction – for there is no substance!!!
Alongside with diluting a special kind of shaking are held, called succusions, which lead the information from the substance to imprint onto the water molecule of the solution. At the end we have a bottle of powerful healing energy, diluted in distilled water. The impulses of the remedy activate those definite meridians which vibrate similarly.
The fact that one’s behavior, way of thinking and accepting the world is being changed is an indirect proof that Homeopathy enters into the deepest personal levels.
The experimental work is represented by the so called Provings – or observation of the action of remedies on healthy volunteers – humans, not laboratory animals – and this is the most humanistic approach in Pharmacy.
The more diluted a remedy is, the stronger it is and the higher the potency is. The low potency acts for a shorter period of time and is a weaker stimulus for the energetic system of the organism in comparison to a higher potency. It is a common practice to give a single DROP and to wait days, months, and years.
Patients with compromised immune system, having undergone many treatments and operations – will need the “tender” push of the low potencies, so giving the body a chance gradually, mildly and easily to take the healing energy and to restore.
The modern man carries a heavy genetic inheritance of diseases like scabies, lues, gonorrhea, tuberculosis, cancer. We must add to this list the vaccination and lifelong remedies, which all create energetic layers.
In such circumstances Homeopathy can not be panacea, but can return to comparatively normal life lots of suffering people.
During the medical examination, called interview, the patient is directed by the homeopath towards those moments in his own history, when he has accepted the world as an enemy, has made psychic models and energetic blocks. Through the remedy and its acting on all living levels those models are corrected according to the laws of Nature.
Man gets a greater adaptability, increases his capability to change in accordance to the constantly changing external environment. And the disease is nothing but dwelling along the road.

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